Live better. Work smarter.

Effective coaching helps, both in our personal lives and in the workplace.

This is why we are passionate about our mission of making effective coaching available to everyone

Our coaches, we believe, are the best around. We provide them with a full package of training and we support them in every way we can.





Why iCoaching?



Our platform makes it easy to find coaches you will enjoy working with. It also enables you to book sessions and it makes your follow up communication with your coach easy.



Our innovative coach training courses produce excellent coaches and the ratings and comments on coaches’ profile pages allows you to choose a particular coach with confidence.



We have developed narrative coaching into a powerful, complete and philosophically satisfying way to understand the coaching process. This forms the basis of all our coach training.

Get Coaching

Standalone Sessions

Standalone Sessions

A coaching session can help you clarify your aims, discover opportunities, overcome obstacles, and move towards the type of life that, deep down, you want to be living.


Coaching Journeys

Coaching Journeys

A coaching journey is a series of coaching sessions over a number of months. Each session builds on the last, creating a whole is more than the sum of the parts.


Become a Coach

Become A Coach

At iCoaching, we believe that coaching skills are not just for people who want to coach professionally. They are for everyone. 

In learning to coach, you become a better listener. You become more aware of how the people round about you think and feel. Then you start helping them to improve their thinking — at first just through giving them a space to think out loud, and then by using the tools and skills of coaching to help them structure their thinking as they talk. 

Our Learn to Coach pathway is designed to make it easy to learn these tools and skills. 

Our Learn to Coach Pathway

Our two ‘stepping stone’ programmes provide a great preparation for our Coach Training course.

Coaching Basics


Learn to Microcoach

The dynamics of coaching can be created simply by asking a good question and taking the time to listen attentively.

In the Coaching Basics mini-course, you learn to have a 5-minute ‘microcoaching’ interaction that it is easy to use in everyday life.

You learn to microcoach by playing a fun 3-person game.



Narrative Basics


Learn to Microcoach

Our approach to coaching draws heavily on an appreciation of narrative. We are, after all, creatures of narrative. We pursue the goals that are most meaningful to us. We overcome obstacles on the way. It is only when we become clear about our personal stories that we can reach our potential and our lives can become fully satisfying.

In the Narrative Basics mini-course, you develop your understanding of narrative through playing a 3-person storytelling game called Hero Cards.



Coach Training


Learn to Microcoach

Our Coach Training course builds on both stepping stones mini-courses.

It is made up of 5 modules and it is designed to be followed by 3 people working together.

The course provides all the skills and understanding needed to deliver consistently effective coaching sessions.



We also provide an Advanced Coaching course and residential courses.


Coaching Basics

You can learn microcoaching at one of our Coaching Basics workshops. This is a great way to learn a new skill.


Narrative Basics

You can play Hero Cards at one of our Narrative Basics Workshops. This is a great way to meet new people.


Hosting Events

We provide instructions and support for people who would like to host their own events.



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For Organisations 

Make work good!


Organisations can benefit from our innovative approach to coaching through iCoaching for Organisations (iCO), our dedicated B2B division.

iCO offers:

  • Coaching for key individuals
  • Microocoaching workshops
  • Coach training for managers
  • Coach training for internal coaches
  • Team coaching